A booklist for how to write the RESTful JAVA API

As we know, in the modern enterprise system architecture design, the API is becoming more and more key important issue. meanwhile more and more companies use the private cloud (such as PAAS) to server their services and combine their data each other to make more useful.

So as a developer, we should good at these technologies, in the most of enterprise API implement method tech list, the JAVA language and RESTful way is first choice for us. as it use simple JSON data format to transfer data from each others, not only how to organize the data structure but also mock the invocation and debug test, it is very easy to implement. so I think we should keep familiar with these techs.

The below is a list which I list here for us to study:

  1. Developing RESTful Services with JAX-RS 2.0, WebSockets, and JSON
  2. RESTful Java with JAX-RS
  3. RESTful Web Services
  4. RESTful Web Services Cookbook
  5. RESTful Web APIs
  6. RESTful Java with JAX-RS 2.0, 2nd Edition
  7. Java Web Services: Up and Running
  8. Java EE 7 Essentials